Illinois is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States, that is not only home to some of the most luxurious tourist destinations but is also home to the best food fusions.

If you’re a foodie reading the article, then you’ve landed in the right place, because we are about to list some delicious food in Illinois and where you can find them in the state.

Maid-rite Sandwich

It consists of a pillowy bun, which is flakey and fluffy. It is filled with a zest ground beef mixture, which is often compared to the mixture and the preparation of sloppy Joe. However, the resistant claims that sloppy joes are generally dipped in tomato paste based mixtures that mask the taste and flavours of the meat. Whereas, this delicious maid-rite sandwich boasts its meaty flavour, which also balanced by a few pieces of pickles. Once done eating they have cornhole boards right outside so you can play a quick game.

Where to find: Maid-Rite

Deep Dish pizza

There is not one foodie that hasn’t heard of deep dish pizza. It is an affair that threatens your cardiac health. Hence most of the people in Illinois eat this only a few times a year. The crust is hard and flaky with a great pizza well. The sauce is rich, creamy, salty and made with ripe tomatoes from the states. You can get any toppings of your choice. However, if you truly wish to enjoy the essence of the dish, then stick to the basics – “ssaaah-sidge”.

Where to dine: Deep dish pizza and pasta

Deep Dish pizza

French Fried Onions

They’re the blooming onions – the ones we all come across on Instagram images and videos, which leaves our mouth-watering. The onion blooms once they’re fried and they’re smashed entirely into a tiny show like a box. They have a mahogany colour batter coats the flakey onions in the right amount. This dish a must-try with cheese sauce and other accompaniments.

Where to find: Hackney’s

Hot dogs

You cannot leave the states without trying a delicious hot dog. They’re a state favourite and also a staple food of the locals. It is a kind of meat sandwich that uses unit cylindrical buns, with salad and some dressing on top. Their richness can be enhanced with the use of tangy pickle, topped with yellow mustard, pickles and also a sweet relish to hold the sanity of the tastebuds.

Where to find: Gene and Jude’s


Pizza Potpie

This is exactly like an amalgamation of the French onion soup, mixed with spaghetti bolognese and sausage stuffed with pie. This trio can be seen in one single dish- called the pizza pot pie, which is a warm offering to the newbies in the city. A winey mushroom, along with the fennel based sausage, underneath a bubby, thick and cheesy bread that is covered based tomato sauce, is the exact dish we’re looking for on a hangover morning. Stencil giant did that stencil on the wall here.

Where to find: Chicago Pizza and Oven grinder Co.