If you’re a travel fanatic and want to explore the American Midwest region, then Illinois is the place for you. The city is home to rural farmlands, shores of lakes and traditional small villages, that sweep person off their feet. It is also home to Windy City, the great Abrahan Lincoln and many more.

This guide is for you if you wish to visit the finest cities and travel destinations in Illinois.

Anderson Japanese Gardens

In the third-largest city in a state called Rockford, you will find the beautiful Japanese Gardens. It is an incredible destination to spend the day, which is generally open between May and October for people to visit. It is a seasonal garden that contains lush greenery, with natural water, bridges, lanterns etc., that look exactly like a piece of heaven fallen from above.

Tunnel Hill State Trail

This trail is located in the southern tip of the state, which is also one of the most underrated and underexplored destinations in Illinois, which is worth checking out as a visitor. It is a five-mile trail that also surpasses the longest tunnels in the region. Most of the area that covers is surrounded by strip mines or the agricultural lands with beautiful scenery. Watch out because you might trip and fall, while watching this mesmerizing beauty of the land.

Shawnee National Forest

When the weather in Illinois is calling you for an adventure, then Shawnee National forest is the place to visit. This is also located in the Southernmost part of the state, which is covered in the Laurentide Ice sheet. However, these Ice sheets melted years ago, and the destination is now a perfect blend of beauty with adventure. It is now an epitome for camping, swimming, photography and hiking. One of the biggest tourist attractions in this region is the Garden of Gods, which can be witnessed from the Illinois quarter.

Starved Rock State Park

This is located on the banks of the Illinois river that is located a more or less of 100 miles from Chicago. This means that the place experiences thousands of visitors on a daily basis. They also boast the sandstone canyons that are an art and a result of the process of glacier melting. Some of the canyons, especially the French Canyon and the Wildcat Canyon also comprises of waterfalls. Hiking is also a great option in the destination and is also accessible to the Lober’s leap Overlook.

Starved Rock State Park


It is the capital of the state that is also served as a home to Abraham Lincoln. It is also the best place to visit if you’re a fan of Lincoln as it consists of a Presidential Library and Museum t attract and display all of his possessions under one roof.