We are one month away from the year 2021. It calls for trying new dishes, places, meet new people and set new goals to the next year of life.  This brings us to the topic of travelling to some of the most beautiful destinations, like the state of Illinois. While you’re at the state visiting some of the most extravagant beauties of the city, it calls for a wholesome meal. In this article, we will throw light on some of the best returns to try while you’re in the state of Illinois.

Old Bank restaurant

It is also popularly called Le Roy, which is located out the stretch of the highway, between the Champaign and the Bloomington. The restaurant gets its name as it was a bank before it turned out to become a famous eater. This diner serves delicious food like nachos, meatloaf, sandwiches, ribs etc.

Going Bonkers

It is a playland pizzeria which is regarded as one of the best for the young adults and people recovering from previous night’s hangover. In addition to pizza, they also have other fatty food like chicken bites, hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, appetizers and desserts.

Acquaviva Winery

This is a traditional winery that has a modern and contemporary touch to it, located in Maple Park. It is considered as more than an elegant place to dine. It is also home to some of the best winery and a fine place for breakfast in bed. It is also a famous ceremony venue among the locals of the state. The large estate around, with great pizzas, authentic salads, pasta and steak calls for a visit when you’re in the city.

Acquaviva Winery

The Garden

It is located in New Berlin, which is a great hotspot for all the visitors in town. Although the ambience of the place doesn’t do much to the people, the food is out of the world. It is typically a pizzeria sports bar that comprises of an upscale menu and high-end eating options. In addition to the obvious pizzas, they also comprise of high-end and delicious seafood, pasta, lamb and a variety of salads.

The Garden

Crazy Joe’s fish house

The locals of the place recommend this eatery because it is more than just a delicious place for food. It is also an exciting place to hang out with a lovely and colourful crowd. The ambience also comprises of a plethora of the memorabilia on all of its walks. They’re the most famous among the locals for their fried fish and smoked meats.

Paddy Long’s Beer and bacon club

If the smell does not attract you, then we’re sure the lovely ambience and the neat décor of the place will draw you in. As the name suggests, the place is best known for their bacon-based males and also the drinks and desserts that comprises of an infusion of bacon.