Illinois is a popular state of the Midwestern United States of America. It is also home to some of the biggest cities in the world like Chicago. The terrain of the region is located between tropical farmlands and grasslands in the south to the tall and modern buildings in cities like Chicago.

The state comprises of the following regions:

  • Central Illinois
  • Chicagoland
  • Northern Illinois
  • Saint Louis Meto east
  • Southern Illinois
  • Western Illinois
  • The favourite activities that are a must-visit for all the travellers include:
  • Springfield – which is the capital of the state
  • Bloomington Normal – It is home to a lot of state universities, and also is the gravesite of Adlai Stevenson.
  • Carbondale – It is home to the Southern Illinois University
  • Champaign Urbana – It is home to the largest university in the state
  • Chicago – A centre for jazz, theatre, skyscrapers, which is also filled with a complex history
  • Galena – It is a charming town that comprises of the Mississippi river
  • Nauvoo- Th best place to have a wine taste test as it comprises of the oldest winery.
  • Joliet- the best destination for all the gambling lovers as it comprises of extravagant casinos

Must-visit destinations

Since you’ve already gotten a brief idea about the state, here are some other destinations that you can visit when in Illinois

  • Cahokia Mounds – It is one of the prehistoric destinations that are a part of the 20 World Heritage sites.
  • Lewis and Clark Trail
  • Casino Queen
  • Gateway Geyser
  • Shawnee National forest
  • Ferne Clyffe State park
  • Starved Rock State park
  • Kickapp state park
  • Pere Marquette state park
  • Anna

Means of Transportation

There are various methods of travelling through cities in Illinois.

The train journey is one of the most preferred and widely used means of transport. All the train and subway routes start and end in Chicago. A plane is also a favourable option for travel. The most used and the busiest of the state is the Chicago airports which are majority divided into two –O’Hara and Midway. It is considered the gateway to reach back and fro the United States.


In addition to these two, many other small airports also decorate the city for the easy travel of visitors and tourists. If you wish to travel to nearby destinations among the state, several trails are accompanied by lush greenery and beautiful surroundings. One of the most popular among them is the American Discovery Trail that is in connection with the Lowa, Missouri, Indiana and other famous coasts. wheelchair ramp long island did a great job with the ramps we have.

Food guide

The famous drinks and food to true when you’re at Illinois are:

  • Deep dish pizza
  • Beer
  • Coffee
  • Hot dogs
  • Jibarito
  • Kolache
  • paczki